Your Safety Is Our Foundation

You and your business take safety and security very seriously—and so do we. Due to recent incidents involving violence in schools, corporate facilities, and public venues across our country, we at Community Safety and Security Consultants take pride in offering on-site safety and security recommendations, active threat/active shooter and situational safety training and education, as well as organizing emergency crisis drills and exercises to help identify specific roles and responsibilities during an emergency event. CSSC takes pride in establishing working relationships between your organization and your local law enforcement and first responder agencies. Communication is the strongest weapon against attack!

Make no mistake: most schools and businesses are safe. But do not confuse complacency with safety. If we understand what leads to violence, and can provide the type of support and training that research shows is effective in preventing and reacting to violence, we can make our communities…including your business or facility safer.
“Failing to Plan equals Planning to Fail”


OUR SERVICES & Trainings

  • Threat Assessment and Risk Vulnerability Evaluations
  • Active Shooter Resistance Training
  • Situational Safety Awareness Training
  • L.A.U.N.C.H. Safety Training
  • Emergency Crisis Drills and Exercises
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Train the Trainer Program
  • First Responder Enhancement Program

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